Advanced Guide to Google Penalty Removal

Advanced Guide to Google Penalty Removal

Few things put a site owner or an SEO on edge more than the appearance of a Google penalty.

Future updates are going to be just as stressful for those who aren’t following these trends, cutting corners with their link-building, and not keeping on top of their link profile by being aware who links to them.

We wanted to make an in-depth guide to Google penalties, what they are, how to avoid them, how to protect yourself from all future changes and mostly how to rectify the situation if your site is penalised.

You want to get your rankings back? Follow our advice and you will.

The Manual review penalty is again categorized into two types

  • Site Wide Manual Penalty : This is the most considerable penalty in SEO, because it significantly reduces the complete website rankings for all pages or shows the site on the deeper pages in the search results else the site will be de-indexed completely.
  • Partial Manual Penalty : This may occur generally for the few pages or links which are not acceptable by the manual reviewer through the website is completely on the right side of the guidelines. This can be considered as a negotiable penalty until and unless it is effected for an important page for which we are targeting for ranking. This cannot affect on the other page ranking in the website.

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